930 Stewart Avenue

Restoration Housing’s sixth affordable housing project will be 930 Stewart Avenue, a circa 1903 home located in the Belmont Historic District. While this property has been lovingly looked after by its previous owners, it has sat vacant for many years.

930 Stewart Avenue

Renovation Plans

blueprint sketch of the house south elevation
blueprint sketch of the house east elevation

Project Overview

  • Needs a complete overhaul to restore or replace in-kind historic materials;
  • Incorporate modern interior systems and living amenities;
  • Slated for completion in Spring 2024, this will be a single-family rental opportunity for a low-income* family featuring new kitchens and bathrooms, in-unit laundry, and generous yard space.

*Under 60% of the Area Medium Income.

paint brush and buckets
To see these houses come back to life, it’s like turning on a light in a dark room, it brightens everything around it, and every project that Restoration Housing has done has had that kind of impact.
Joe Cobb
Roanoke City Council Vice-Mayor

Tours of 930 Stewart Avenue

Hard Hat Tour


Completed in Fall 2022, two affordable housing units for low-income* families were created from the 2,700 square foot structure. Both units feature new kitchens and bathrooms with custom cabinetry, granite countertops, and energy-efficient appliances; in-unit laundry; porches; and generous yard space.

* Under 60% of the Area Medium Income

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